Pomegranate Large Punica Granatum Seeds


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Pomegranate Large Punica Granatum Seeds

Pack of 15+ seeds!

Its a real beauty this one, for a lot of reasons.

Huge red flowers that remind me of prettier form of red Hibiscus flowers. They even smell nice!

Has a huge, red fruit filled with a caviar/fingerlime sort of fruit that tastes tangy, sweet and delicious!

Great juiced, fermented(wine), made into jam, jelly or just eat them straight of the tree!


You can’t eat just 1, it’s impossible!!!

Originating in Iran/Persia it quickly spread all around the globe due to its delicious taste, its extreme hardiness, and most of all,  its productivity. Its also been used medicinally for thousands of years especially in India, Russia and the Mediterranean.

Its apparently the “Apple of temptation” that gets Eve into strife in the Bible, and is represented as such in numerous artworks all over the world. There are numerous studies ongoing concerning the possible health benefits of both Pomegranate juice and the seeds, in the treatment and prevention of various ailments including> Prostate cancer, Prostatic Hyperplastia, Diabetes, Lymphoma, Rhinovirus, Influenza, Atherosclerosis, Coronary Heart Disease, Infant brain injury, Kidney disease, etc, etc, etc, etc ……….

Google it for more indepth detail, or just trust me, its bloody great stuff! You can just about feel them doing you good, and best of all they taste fantastic, its no wonder they cost a small fortune in the shops!

Unlike a lot of other fruit trees out there, they can handle a bit of heavy frost and really tough drought conditions. Its a truly hardy plant this one! They make really great potted trees and “bonsai” too and that’s a real common reason folks buy the seeds.

That’s it really, just a really tasty, easy care, and early fruiting tree/shrub.

From seeds to fruit in just 2-3years if you give it a feed every now and then, and a handful of manure or blood and bone is all they ever need.

Grown by us (or occasionally a friend of ours from down south) always organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!