Plastic Baggies Bulk lot 100!

Plastic Baggies Bulk lot 100!


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Seed Saving Baggies Bulk lot 100!

1 large packet containing 100 individual bags.

Each bag is 80mm x 52mm x 2mm thick (2inch X 3inch)

That’s 100 thick, tough, long lasting, reusable, plastic bags, perfect for saving seeds.

Perfects for gardeners, crafters, preppers, survivalists, seed savers, anyone really?

These are not the rubbish quality you get at the local shop, or the standard cheap imported, poorly made ones.

These are the same quality bags that we use for everything, and it has taken me ages to get a reliable supply for an affordable price.
That’s it folks!
$5 gets you 100 bags.
FREE POSTAGE Australia wide!
Worldwide delivery available.