Leonotis Nepetifolia Seeds Klip Dagga Spiky Orange Seeds


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Leonotis Nepetifolia Seeds “Klip Dagga” orange form.


Wonderful tall and unusual, orange flowers, on apple sized spiky spheres.

Some plants get huge, with the biggest we have grown being ~3.5 meters high and about 2 meters wide in its 2nd year.

Attracts masses of butterflies and small birds who come for the nectar and in the USA it is apparently planted specifically to attract humming birds.

Hardiest plant we have on the property. It produces a large amount of viable seed, and seedlings pop-up everywhere around the base, ready to be transplanted wherever they are needed.

As it has African origins it handles the dry really well, and I NEVER bother to water them.

In the wetter months the growth is quite phenomenal and can be used as a cut and come again mulch around other plants.

Even with the devastating and quite major flooding we had here recently its still thriving. Some plants were underwater for a week or more with no ill effects that I can see.

So much more interesting that a sunflower yet even easier to grow.

Sprinkle seeds on dirt. Water and wait.

It produces a huge amount of flowers.

Many more kilos per plant than any other of the family I have grown, and these are traditionally used as a very relaxing bitter tea or cigarette substitute, due to the high alkaloid content, particularly “leonurine”.

Plenty of online data about “leonurine” and its traditional, medicinal, and relaxation uses so you will not need to contact me about it.


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Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!