Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose Elephant Creeper Argyreia Nervosa Seeds


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Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose Elephant Creeper Argyreia Nervosa Seeds

Packet of 10+ freshly harvested home grown seeds!

These seeds are from my own plants, plants I have selected for their strength and hardiness.

At one stage I had seeds originating from all over the world, Hawaii, USA, Madagascar, Germany, Africa, UK, you name it I had it.

I also had plants from various populations wild harvested here in Australia, most notably the FNQ, Fractal and Alligator Creek selections.

These seeds I am selling originated from a very small population near Ingham Queensland, sometimes called “Ingham Fractal” and after having a crack at all of them, it is by far my favourite. Just awesome!

Very hardy, very beautiful, big heart shaped leaves, pretty flowers, full large pods, perfect for dried flower arrangements.

Like a giant hardy Morning Glory really?

First of all, I better be clear.

These are NOT Argyreia speciosa or Argyreia Nervosa var speciosa seeds, and they are not the inferior, illegally bulk imported Ghanaian, Madagascan, African, or Indian seeds.

Not only is importation to and from Australia of these seeds illegal, the long term storage and poor handling, and the massive range of temperatures involved decreases the strength and viability of the seeds, making the whole process kinda pointless anyway…

There are a heap of other names for this plant that have been used over the years. Convolvulus nervosus, Convolvulus speciosus, Ipomoea speciosa, Ipomoea valerii, Lettsomia nervosa, Rivea nervosa, Samudra speciosa, HBWR, Wooly Morning Glory, Monkey Rose, Snake Vine, Mile A Minute, Adhoguda and Vidhara.

There is debate about whether or not this plant is actually a native, some folks say that the now extinct Argyreia souteri may actually have been this fella.

The intact seed pods do float really well, so maybe they came over like the coconut did back in the day?

I know of some really thick patches well off the beaten path in FNQ, and although cattle and wallabies regularly eat the leaves, I am yet to see a bird eat the pods or carry them away?

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, and I have had rats chew the plants in the past, but in my mind I still like the native theory.

If you live in the dry tropics of Queensland, keep an eye on them as they can be a bit of an issue in some areas(again supporting the native theory).

Only where the land is overgrazed, and all the large trees have been removed they sometimes do become the dominant species. A couple local councils in northern Queensland unfortunately consider them weeds, despite the fact they are a decent fodder and help to stabilise the soil.

If protected from the heaviest frosts they will handle growing just about anywhere from the middle of NSW and all the way up to Cape York. Got friends in USA that grow them in large pots. They prune them up and grow them indoors in the winter, only moving them back outside after the snow and cold has passed.

Germination is really easy, just plant as is a couple cm deep in a medium to large pot or directly in the ground. It will take 1week to 3months depending on soil moisture and temperature.

If you are in a hurry, just file one side edge of the seed or rub it on the concrete before planting. Germination this way will take less than one month, normally three days to a week depending on the depth of scarification. Don’t go too deep or they will rot.

You can soak them before planting but I do not recommend it as some over swell and spilt along the stem, especially really really fresh seeds like these.

Please note, I sell these seeds in small quantities for propagation purposes only! These seeds are not intended for consumption in anyway, and if that is your intention, please do not buy from me. Just bugger off, I really do not need the drama. 😉

All other information about this plant can easily be Googled, so you will not need to contact me about this particular species. It makes a glorious ornamental species, one I really wish was more common, and for me that is plenty of reason to grow it.

Seriously folks, pay attention, consumption of this plant in any way is an offence, and dumb questions will not be answered.

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!


If you decide to buy anyway, despite me politely asking you not to, I will NOT be sending this item and you will receive a substitution of my choosing. 🙂