Acacia Adunca Wallangarra Wattle Seed


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Acacia Adunca Wallangarra Wattle Seed

20+ seeds of this great Aussie ornamental shrub.

It’s native range is between southern QLD out to the tablelands, and right down to northern NSW.

Covered in flowers from July all the way until mid October, and the flowers themselves look like little yellow puffballs.

Makes a great shade tree as it doesn’t get hammered by termites and grubs like its relatives often do. I guess that’s due to its naturally high alkaloid content?

Great for a windbreak as it grows quickly and fixes nitrogen for the surrounding grass and pastures.

That’s about all I can tell you, as I got these seeds from a friend, but I found the following on the internet.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens says>>> “This acacia appears to be less prone to borer attack and scale insects than other members of the genus. It has strong timber, is not easily damaged in high winds, and is an Acacia which should be more widely cultivated.”

Wikipedia says>>> “β-methyl-phenethylamine (N-methyl-phenethylamine), 2.4% in leaves; 3.2% alkaloids in aerial parts (stems, leaves, flowers) – about 70% was β-methyl-phenethylamine, with smaller amounts of phenethylamine.”
Here is a link I put together about hot water treatment “HWT” of seeds.
Most of these fellas really benefit from HWT so I recommend you have a crack at it.

There you have it.

Another interesting native beauty for the collection!!!