Acacia Acuminata Small Seeded Variant Seeds


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Acacia Acuminata Small Seeded Variant Seeds

Packet of 50+ teenie tiny seeds!

Another of the three Acacia acuminata varieties, this time the small seeded variant.

Like the other two, it has a very hard, durable timber with a close red grain and a smell of raspberry jam, but unlike them, it has small seeds…

Getting a great germination from these seeds and I only have limited numbers from a swap I did with a regular customer of ours (I love bartering and swapping seeds if you have something cool.)

Popular choice for host tree for Sandalwood, and for nitrogen fixation. Sandalwood is a bit parasitic, so a nice strong host is essential for growing Sandalwood economically.

The acacia(nearly all of them actually) suck nitrogen out of atmosphere, then puts it deep into the surrounding soil through it’s roots. This provides a food for surrounding plants, and animals too as the seeds, gums and resins are all edible.

They were used by the Australian aboriginals both as a productive food tree and as a material for making weapons in the past.

The natural high density of the timber is still valued today for wood turning and furniture making.

Fantastic tree, for a whole host of other reasons too…

That’s about it. Acacia germination can be tricky at times and HWT can speed things up. I have tried both with and without with these guys and both worked great, but it is still worth a look.

Sustainably harvested in WA.