Native Sweet Potato Ipomoea Costata Seeds


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Native Sweet Potato Ipomoea Costata Seeds

Packet of 10+ Seeds!

Only got a couple packets of these guys at the moment, as my plants are not very big with only a flower here and there. Plus I have been replanting the majority of seeds myself!

The plan is to put a few in the valley after the rains come, see if I can establish a wild population here like there was back in the day.

Great little native bushtucker species that produces an edible tuber much like a sweet potato. The flavour is like a cross between the kumura and pontiac potato, and you just cook them up like the supermarket ones. Good baked with a roast, boiled and mashed with a bit of garlic and butter(Awesome!), or just checked in the coals of a fire like the Aboriginies have been doing for thousands of years.

Closely related to the supermarket sweet potato Ipomoea Batatas, this fella is Ipomoea Costata. Common names for this Aussie native include Rock Morning Glory, Desert Yam, Desert Potato or Wild Potato.

Native to Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, it does best in warm frost free climates. Apparently it will live through light frost and die back to the root, later reshooting when things warm up and improve.

Pretty pinkish morning glory type flowers, and a vining ground cover effect all spreading out from the large central tap root tuber.

That’s about it?

Really worth having I reckon.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!