Moss Rock Rose Portulaca Grandiflora Seeds


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Moss Rock Rose Portulaca Grandiflora Seeds

Packet of 200+ tiny mixed colour, home grown seeds!

This is the beautiful, multicoloured, bee attracting, eye pleasing, incredibly hardy, ornamental succulent species.
It is not the other close relative Portulacea oleracea though you can Buy edible purslane seeds here.

Popular all over the world and it is very easy to see why.

Some places know it as 9 o’clock flower, after noon flower, daeng sawan, da huaa ma chi xian, eleven o’clock, eleven oclock, gul dopheri, hoa muoi gio, Japanese rose, Mexican rose, mose rose purslane, moss rose, nau bajiya, onze horas, ornamental purslane, phak bia farang, phrae siang hai, rock rose, rose purslane, sun plant, sun rose, taing lon chantha, ten o’clock, ten oclock, time flower, time fuul, twelve o’clock, uru-alas dose, Vietnam rose and it is also known by the synonyms Portulaca hilaireana, Portulaca immersostellulata, Portulaca mendocinensis, Portulaca multistaminata, Portulacea caryophylloids, and Portulacea gilliesii.

I use it as an ornamental only, but traditional uses include treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, abdominal swelling, sore throat, and the whole plant when crushed was used externally for snake bite, insect stings, burns, and skin conditions like eczema.
It is soothing like aloe vera and my experience it really does speed healing when used externally on minor stuff.
In China it is used to treat tumours and is one of the main ingredients in Kang zhong pian~Tumoclear which is apparently formulated for tumorous cancer treatment, regulation and stabilization of cell growth, removing toxic heat and clearing bad air..

The leaves and seeds are edible raw or cooked, as is the cooked root, but in all honesty it is nowhere near what I would call a staple food crop or delicious, it is super high in oxalic acid, and we are selling this species as an ornamental only.
If you want the edible Portulacea then scroll back up to the “Buy edible purslane seeds” highlighted text in the first paragraph, or even easier, just chuck purslane in the “search box” that is at the top of every single page on the website.

Masses of single, sometimes double and triple blooms of creamy white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, and burgundy flowers and a creeping habit makes in the ideal ground cover to add a splash of colour, and we reckon being pretty is a plenty of reason to have it.
The native bees love it as you can see in the picture, and finches, sparrows and other colourful fast little birds that I am not sure the identity of are regularly spotted eating the seeds here at home.
It’s a real beauty!

Easy to grow too, just make sure you use a sandy fine soil mix, sprinkle the seeds on top, water well and wait a week or two.(longer in cold climates)
Easy as!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems no nasties no problems!!!