Yellow Habanero Chilli Capsicum Chinense Seeds


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Yellow Habanero Chilli Capsicum Chinense Seeds

Packet of 75+ home grown organic seeds!

These guys are just a yellow form of the much more well known red habanero.
They are on par heat wise at about ~200,000 scovilles, just with a sharper slightly more bitter and citrus like flavour.

The habanero Chilli is originally from the Amazon basin and from there it traveled to Mexico and after that the Spanish eventually took it everywhere else in the world.

One domesticated form was dated at 8500years old and and another smaller domesticated form was from 6500BC so this fella has been valued and selected by us humans for a very very long time.

Even being the chilli wuss I am, these guys find their way into the odd stew, soup, salsa, or very finely diced on pizza.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!