Moringa Oleifera Miracle Drumstick Tree Seed
Moringa Oleifera Miracle Drumstick Tree Seed

Moringa Oleifera Miracle Drumstick Tree Seed


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Moringa Oleifera Miracle Drumstick Tree

Packet of 10+ freshly harvested seeds.

This beauty has more than 90 nutrients and 46 different types of Antioxidants!

It has 7x the Vitamin C in Oranges, 4x the Calcium in Milk, 4x the Vitamin A in Carrots, 3x the Potassium in Bananas and even 2x the Protein in Milk!

“It helps reduce the bad Cholesterol’s and Triglycerides, control blood sugars and contains many anti-aging and anti-inflammatory substances many of them have anti-cancer properties”

Bloody good stuff, just Google it if you are interested in it’s myriad of other health benefits.

We just like to eat it in stirfrys and the leaves in salads.

The root makes a good horseradish/wasabi type sauce the leaves are just like any other leafy green and the pod is like a big bean.

Looks cool with it’s Jacaranda style leaf.

I have a friend who has trees grown from our seed that are 1-2years old.

The trees have been topped at 2meters to help them bush out, and are averaging 31beans each already!

If you live in an apartment don’t despair. You won’t have the room to grow a great big tree, but there is an alternative!

Just get yourself a small planter box, plastic tub or if your cheap like me just use a polystyrene box with a couple drainage holes in the bottom you get from the green grocer for free.

Add a bag of potting mix, poke in a seed every couple inches. 1 packet of seeds is perfect for one tub.

When the little seedlings get to about 30cm, just trim the top off for a salad. Do the same again when they get 35cm, and again when they get 40cm.

From then onwards you should get a nice feed off them for years provided you keep them trimmed like a little square hedge, and you give them a drink and feed every now and then.

Whatever size your box of soil is, works out to about half the amount of “moringa salad hedge” you can sustain above it.

Well there you have it. Another cool and very versatile plant for the collection!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!