Chilli Pepper Mix Various Capsicum Species Seeds
Chilli Pepper Mix Various Capsicum Species Seeds

Chilli Pepper Mix Various Capsicum Species Seeds


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Chilli Pepper Mix Various Capsicum Species Seeds

1 mixed packet of 100+seeds
Five of the more interesting hot chillis you can get, all in the one pack.

1. The Black Pearl Chilli, which is quite a hard one to find at times, really hot acid bite, awesome Purple to Black leaves and shiny Black fruit that turn Red as the ripen.
2. Next is the “Bell Pepper” or “Bishops Crown”, which is the mildest of the bunch. Perfect for stuffing or munching as is, straight off the vine. Cant get enough of these fellas!
3. “Yellow/Orange/Magnum Habanero”. Its reputation pretty much speaks for its self. It’s BLOODY HOT! It has a great flavour to it as well.
4. “Cayenne Pepper”. Known the world for generations, as a heart tonic/health product. Heaps of literature out there about this one, and great for just about whatever your cooking.
5. Last but definitely not least, the “Birds Eye Chilli”. Massive yields of tiny little fire balls! Great for cooking and for making chilli sprays and insecticides from.
Recipe here on our Facebook page.
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Plant a couple every week, and you will have a lifetimes supply and a decent mixture of varies at that!
They all go well with salsas, sauces, pasta, pizza, stews, noodles, curry, salads, pickled, smoked, stuffed etc etc etc………………..
Limited number of this seed mix, but I thought it was well worth listing.
Well there you go, a great mix of Chilli Peppers and 100+ seeds so you get quite a few plants!
Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!