Acmella Oleracea Spilanthes Eyeball Toothache Plant Seeds


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Acmella Oleracea Spilanthes Eyeball Toothache Plant Seeds

Packet of more than 50+ seeds of the Eyeball form of toothache plant!

Just sprinkle the lot on the soil, water and wait!
You can’t really go wrong with these guys really!

Same effects as the other 3 varieties of Toothache plant I sell, but a bigger strawberry shaped fruit/flower and a vivid red center that looks like an Eyeball.

Very cool plant, and its always one of the first plants I show guests.

Great to chew on just for fun! I eat a bud every day or so as I like the numbing sensation, and they are meant to be great for the immune system.

It grows so quick once established that there is never a shortage and you can propagate by cutting or the huge numbers of seed it produces.

“Spilanthol”, is the main chemical within the plant that has a very powerful local Anesthetic action.

It really does, and as it has strong, natural anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and increases the production of saliva aiding digestion, its a great natural treatment for tooth, mouth and even skin issues.

Feels really cool, just like a shot from a dentist but NO PAIN AT ALL!
Just tingling, tangy acid candy taste, and instant relief!

Lasts about 10mins of noticeable numbness, and the pain relief properties continue for an hour or two..

Apparently its also been used to treat Malaria and Ringworm successfully?

Better for you than Big Pharma’s answers to Toothache and localized Pain in my humble opinion, and MUCH more effective.

The fact it helps to treat the problem, not just mask the pain has gotta be a good thing I reckon!

Just as effective as the other three forms of toothache plant with the main differences I can see are it gets bigger purple leaves and is slower to grow and set fruit.
It prefers cool shady spots and lower overall temperatures.
Less seeds produced, but the seeds are slightly bigger and just as easy to grow.
Bloody awesome in my opinion.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!