Mitsuba Japanese Parsley Cryptotaenia Japonica Seeds


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Mitsuba Japanese Parsley Cryptotaenia Japonica Seeds

Packet of 100+ freshly harvested seeds!

Known as Japanese Honeywort, Mitsuba, and of course Japanese Parsley, due to its use as the staple garnishing herb and unique flavour.

We use it in everything now that we have the correct one again. Unfortunately a lot of the plants and seeds sold as “Mitsuba” are actually “Karashina”, a common Brassica that is nice, but nowhere near as good as this fella!
Bought from lots of different sellers and if you ever get “Mitsuba seeds” and they are round, not long and pointy like my picture, then unfortunately they are definitely not it…

Easy to grow and self-seeds really well in cooler shady spots.

Ours is in full sun and it doesn’t prefer it, but still struggles on regardless. Great plant for raised beds, aquaponic wicking beds, and recirculation systems. If we give it a water or we get some rain it instantly gets a huge flush of growth again, and a carpet of little seedlings begin to pop up around it as well.

In between in the dry times it is still really productive, more-so than standard parsley, and as it is a perennial, the crop continues pretty much indefinitely.

Really handy addition, but please note, it does not store well at all.
You should only buy this seed if you plan on growing it in the next year or two years at absolute max, and we will only sell each harvest for 6months, then dump it and do another pick. Germination also often takes a month or more with these fellas too, so don’t give up on them too quick.

Stored in a cool, dark, dry place like a cupboard in the baggie it should be fine for <2years from the date of purchase, but after that the germination rate drops rapidly with this variety.

Traditionally said to help with “womens issues” and stress relief, and it is just a perfect match with just about any hot soups or noodle dishes. We eat a lot in sandwiches and sushi too, everything really?
It’s bloody awesome stuff!

There you have it folks, another beauty!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!