Jam Melon Citrullus Lanantus Watermelon Seeds


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Jam Melon Citrullus Lanantus Watermelon Seeds

Packet of 10+ freshly harvested, bright red,  organically grown seeds!

This is the cool looking, light skinned, heirloom variety, which quite surprisingly and unlike the rest of it’s family, has bright red seeds!

Nice sized fruits, similar to a small seedless watermelon in size and shape.

Same family and appearance, just with a lower overall sugar content and a higher pectin content, making them ideal for making jam or cooking with.

Super easy to grow, but best started in the warmer months or they can take ages to come up.

So much hardier than the modern watermelons, but being originally from Africa they do like it mild-warm-hot.

If your temperatures are not right, the seeds will just sit dormant in the soil (without loosing any viability) until conditions improve, sometimes the following year.

They can be oven roasted or even just pan fried like pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack, and are often grown just for the seeds.

Dry them on a plate, then add a bit of salt and oil when you cook them up. Delicious!.

Then next time you do a roast or whatever, chuck them in the oven when your finish using it, and turn it off.

By the time it has cooled down they will be perfect!

The flesh is great for adding to spicy or salty Asian soups and broths.

In the west it is more traditionally made into Jams, Marmalade and Preserves like Pickles and Relishes.

The high pectin means it thickens up and sets really well.

Awesome texture, sort of like melted gummy bears.

I make the BEST ginger and melon marmalade in the whole world, with these fellas.

Here is a bit of trivia for you!

This one has citrulline in it, as do all watermelon, which is a stimulator of nitric oxide.

The Nitric oxide has a positive effect the heart, as its thought to relax and expand blood vessels, much like the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra does.

Studies say it may even increase libido!

It might not be a sweet watermelon variety, but this beauty is loaded with it!

Well yeah, another great addition to the garden. Easy to grow, interesting and delicious!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!