Fringed Pink Dianthus Superbus Qu Mai Seeds


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Fringed Pink Dianthus Superbus Qu Mai Seeds

Packet of 100+ home grown seeds!

Plenty of seeds to get you started with this really drought hardy fella.

Really easy to grow, with no major pests or diseases we have experienced, even in the really hard times.
Masses of dainty little flowers ranging from white through pink mauve purple and even bright red.

Planted in clumps or pots, they look really cool and the native bees come for miles for them!
They make great cut flowers as they leave the house smelling really nice, it last for ages.
Like an easier to grow and fancier looking carnation.

The whole plant is edible, and has been used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine, where its know as “Qu Mai”.

The young leaf tips are boiled and used as a vegetable, and the flowers and buds are made into a naturally sweet and fragrant tea!
Be aware that the plant has natural contraceptive qualities and a long history of use by the Chinese for preventing pregnancy, so if your planning on breeding anytime soon its probably best not to eat a whole heap of them.

Awesome smelling, colourful looking, and even good for a feed or a cuppa!

Now that’s a plant that has it all!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!