Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix Lathyrus Odoratus


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Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix Lathyrus Odoratus

Sweet Peas folks, packet of 40+ seeds!

These guys are great!

Super sweet smell and awesome range of colours. I only wacked up a couple for the picture (as once you pick the flower that’s another pod that won’t produce peas, and I felt a bit mean picking them early…)

Pink, white, purple, blue, violet and maroon coloured flowers, and a smell that spreads throughout the garden.

In the early morning I can smell them from down the back at the fruit trees, and that’s got to be about 100m away?

So there you go, ornamental, and deliciously fragrant.

Now let’s move on to other uses. First off, I better say, I am not recommending you eat it. But, I do eat them occasionally, and I find they taste quite good and cause me no ill effects at all. None.

There are a lot of misrepresentations copied and pasted all over the internet, of them being “highly toxic”, but as far as I can see there is only the one study showing any toxic effects from eating them, and that study was done on rats. They fed the rats a diet of 50% dried uncooked sweet peas, instead of the normal nutritionally balanced pellet diet that the control received, and then these guys got sick.

Big surprise there folks….

If your the sort of moron that makes up their diet of 50% of any one thing, then you have to expect issues I reckon….

After all, if you eat a diet of 50% baked beans or chips or lettuce or carrots or cabbage or bananas or onions or oysters or anybloodything, you are gonna see some negative effects.

That is just a fact.

Small amounts of these peas, or just about anything, causes me no harm at all. Moderation and common sense being the key here folks…..

There you have it, lots of cool colours, an amazing aroma that really brightens up the day. (and I personally like to eat them. Not that I recommend you do…….) Very easy to grow, very versatile, and very large returns of a just few plants.

After they eventually die back, plant out that area with just about anything, and it will really take off!

Great rotation crop, especially where you have had “hungry plants” like corn that can really decimate the soil.

The mulch is great bedding for the guinea pigs and nesting material for the chooks.

Just chopped up roughly with a shovel, and dug in its AWESOME for our rocky rubble soil here.

The finished plant and stems rot down really quickly and is great for providing “humus” (carbon, fibre and other micro nutrients needed for ideal plant development)

Just stick a few in the ground now, then again next week the next week and you will always have some available to chuck in a vase to give the house an amazing aroma. Needs no real care to provide a heavy return….

In case you didn’t notice, I really really recommend these ones folks!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!