Purple Unicorn Plant Proboscidea Louisiana Fragrans Seeds


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Purple Unicorn Plant Proboscidea Louisiana Fragrans Seeds

Packet of 10+ very rarely available home grown seeds!

This fella is considered a weed in some places and I only grow it in pots for this reason.
It’s a very interesting looking plant with large sweet smelling flowers and very unusual large hooked seed pods.

I have never eaten any of this plant as I like it too much as an ornamental and don’t grow enough plants, but apparently the young pods are commonly cooked as a vegetable, the seeds are roasted and eaten, and the leaves are boiled in soups and stews.
Like I say, I can’t recommend it as never done it myself.
I just like smelling the beautiful big purple flowers and admiring the big angry double hooked seed pods.

I remember seeing them in a museum as a kid and always wanted to grow them so its super cool to have a few plants in the collection after all these years.

Common names of sweet unicorn plant, fragant martynia, aphid trap, pale devil’s claw, common devil’s claw, devil’s claw, elephant tusks, goat head, Louisiana unicorn-plant, proboscis flower, purple-flowered devil’s claw, purpleflower devil’s claw, ram’s horn, unicorn plant, wohlriechendes Gemshorn, aguaro, torito and synonums of Martynia fragrans, Martynia louisiana, Martynia louisianica, Martynia proboscidea, Proboscidea fragrans, Proboscidea jussieui, Proboscidea louiseana, Proboscidea louisiana subsp. Fragrans, Proboscidea louisiana, Proboscidea louisianica subsp. Fragrans, and Proboscidea louisianica.

That’s about it really, but in my opinion it’s plenty.
Pretty flowers, awesome angry looking seed pod, and potentially edible leaves, fruit and seeds.

Oh yeah, incase you missed that very first sentence and the huge red text banner below I say it again for clarity, can be weedy and is prohibited in some places.

NOT FOR NEW SOUTH WALES, VICTORIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂