Madagascar Lima Bean Phaseolus Lunatus Seeds


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Madagascar Lima Bean Phaseolus Lunatus Seeds

Packet of 5+ large bean seeds!
Very attractive and multipurpose legume crop.
The dried seeds from fully ripened pods are great in a stew, casserole, curry lentil dish, pasta anything really?
The small immature whole pods can be eaten too, much like you do with Lab lab beans, and like them you need to cook them first.
The seeds are a common addition to many regional Asian dishes, first sprouted in water like bean shoots then fast stirfried with spices, leafy greens and meat or seafood.

They can be fermented like soya beans are to make tempeh, a tofu like product that is really nutritious.
The young leaves and tips can be steamed and fried then served with butter, garlic and soya sauce.
The bitter bite of the leaf really accents the flavour of sweeter milder flavoured vegetables like capsicum, zucchini and shallots.

The plant is a great soil improving adding humus and mulch to poor soils and when mowed and dug in the following crops are always much bigger than previously.

Often called butter beans when sold canned or preserved, it was also once known as Phaseolus limensis as in “beans from Lima-Peru”, Phaseolus lunatus var. macrocarpus, Madagascar bean, Garrofon, or butter beans.

Originally of Andean and Mesoamerican origin it is believed to have been first domesticated in around 2000BC, and has been in use as a vegetable crop all around the world ever since.
It looks nice, it tastes good, it is very productive and it is also very useful as a chop and drop or green manure crop.
You really should grow a few in my opinion…

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!