Field Pea Purple Pink Pisum Sativum Seeds


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Field Pea Purple Pink Pisum Sativum Seeds

Packet of 25+ seeds from this beauty!
I really recommend this one, quite a handy plant to have in the collection.
First of all, it has really high yields of delicious, sweet little pea pods, like the traditional “snow pea” but a bit smaller.
We freeze heaps of them in 500gm lots and use them all year round!
The next thing we like to do is let the pods ripen, then shell them and use them as a you would any other “green pea”. We freeze heaps of them too!
After a couple months, the plants will be nearly finished. Pick any pods that are dried and put in a container for the next crop of seed or to make “pea and ham soup”.
We then pull out the plants, roots and all and either, and use as mulch/weed mat around the fruit trees. It works like a slow release fertilizer. It really gives them a boost! (High nitrogen from the root nodules)
Or dig it into the next raised bed, The best thing ever fruit and vegetable production. Adds Humis, Fertilizer(Carbon, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus and countless trace Minerals like Selenium etc etc etc….), Retains the water, feeds the worms and the initial heat created kills a lot of fungi/ bacteria spores.
The other very important use we have for this plant is it’s Beauty. Big Purple and Pink flowers with the tendrils wrapping around one another, all racing towards the sun.
It just looks so cool!
It has amazing flowers, needs no special care and has so many uses, I’m really not sure why no one else is growing it?
We plant a few every week and have that many peas, that my Wife and I never run out. The freezer is always stocked for quick easy meals.
The chooks and guinea pigs love them! They eat the fresh peas and nest in the straw. (It doesn’t pack down like the commercial stuff and has no dust at all!)
Just a really cool plant, I really don’t know how I did without it all those years. It is a totally essential part of our garden now!
Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!