Acacia Filicifolia Fern Leaved Wattle Seeds


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Acacia Filicifolia Fern Leaved Wattle Seeds

Packet of 20+ seeds from this attractive native tree.

Incredibly hardy and fast growing, this fella handles occasional flooding, and long hot dry times equally well. The stony sandy soil where not much else will grow, seems to be pretty much ideal for these, and unlike a lot of other trees the cattle and wildlife don’t seem to eat them or strip the bark. Even when in heavily overgrazed, degraded, drought affected pastures.

The birds, particularly parrots and custard heads love eating the flowers and later on the seeds too.

I quite like them, and although some local farmers consider them “weeds” I reckon they should have a place in the ecosystem, even if the cows won’t eat them, they were here first after all…

Mostly know as fern leaf or ferny leaved wattle, other names they have been called include Racosperma filicifolium, Racosperma Martius and Racosperma filicifolium.

Commonly used in revegetation works and a natural distribution of way down south of Canberra, all the way inland and up the coast to Far North Queensland.

That’s about it I guess, another awesome local native.

Wild Harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to the added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to buy anyway, despite me politely asking you not to, I will NOT be sending this item and you will receive a substitution of my choosing. ūüôā