Acacia Acuminata Narrow Phyllodes Variant Seeds


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Acacia Acuminata Narrow Phyllodes Variant Seeds

Big packet of 35+ seeds!

This is another awesome type of Acacia species, one of the three types of Acacia acuminata.

It has a very hard, durable timber with a close red grain and a smell of raspberry jam which is awfully cool!

Becoming more and more popular in plantations as a companion or host tree for Sandalwood, and for nitrogen fixation.

It sucks nitrogen from the air, then puts it into the surrounding soil through nodes on it’s roots providing food for surrounding plants, and shade for stock.

Hard dense timber means it is ideal for fence posts, and the pollen is highly valued by bee keepers.

Edible gums and resins, along with the edible seeds are a bonus too and they were used extensively by the Australian aboriginals.

Highly valued for making weapons in the past, and is equally valued today for use in wood turning and furniture making.

Fantastic tree, for a whole host of other reasons too…

That’s about it. Acacia Germination HWT

Sustainably harvested by a friend in WA.