Blue Lotus Nymphaea Caerulea Waterlily Seeds

Blue Lotus Nymphaea Caerulea Waterlily Seeds

Big pack of 100+ seeds home grown seeds!
Took me a while to get a heap of this one established, but here it finally is.
From planting to sprouting can take from a 10 days, up to a few months, so don’t be in a panic ( like I was ) if it takes a while!
These are good fresh seeds, and its well worth the wait!

Very popular water plant, and unlike a lot of other types, its really easy from seed, although it can take quite a while compared to your standard fruit and vegies!
Normally less than two months, and once they are up you will always have them. Here is how we do it here.>>> Growing Blue Lotus
Looks really cool in a dam, pond or water fountain, and the native bees absolutely love it.
I think its natural sedatives affects them in a big way, as they are often not even collecting the pollen properly. They get sick of all that working nonsense, and just sit there chilling out, watching the world go by.
Never seen them doing that on any other flowers?

Huge history of uses in teas, spirits and smoking blends and its actually the Fabled “Blue Lotus” of Egypt, even thought its actually a lily not a lotus!
Go here if you would just rather buy the dried lotus petals

Delicious juicy shoots and tubers that go great in a stirfy when fried up with a little garlic and sesame. Edible flowers, but very bitter due to high natural content of the alkaloids nuciferine and aporphine. Blue lotus flowers are commonly used to make various herbal concoctions including blue lotus tea, wine and even martinis apparently….

The most common method of preparation involves steeping or soaking the petals for several weeks or even just boiling the whole flowers for half an hour or so.
Recent studies have shown Nymphaea Caerulea to have mild psycho-active properties and many folks think it is the sedative lotus from Homer’s Odyssey written in 800 B.C.
Literally generations of use as a sacrament in Egypt and some ancient South American cultures.
Very handy plant, easy to grow (but slow to start).

Great flowers, you should really buy it……

Home grown by me and the Mrs, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!


About Us

Basically, my wife and I live on a 25 acre bush block in beautiful Queensland Australia.
We sell seeds, plants, herbs and whatever else we can rustle up.
We grow many different types and varieties of plants, everything we can think of, and we do it all properly, the old fashioned way.
Every hole is hand dug, every plant is hand watered, hand pruned, picked, harvested, sun-dried, winnowed, sorted, packed, stored, counted, checked for germination rates and seed viability and then sold, all within 12months guaranteed.
If its not sold, it gets fed to the chooks, spread at random, given away to friends, or just composted.

We don’t sell old seeds, we don’t use chemicals, we don’t grow “F1 Hybrids” that don’t breed true to form, and we wouldn’t even dream of having Genetically Modified ANYTHING on the property.
Bugger that!

We use no fancy sorting or packing machines, rotary hoes, harvesters, tractors, or any of that stuff, just simple old fashioned hard work.
Pick and mattock for the rock, shovel for soil and sand, rake for the mulch. (and of course lots of sweat…)
The same can be said about every step of our production process.

We use blends of various herbs along with companion planting to control our insects, and only when they get out of hand.

All our fertilizer is just a mix of grasses, legumes, unwanted weeds, mulch, compost, and our own free range chook and guinea pig manure. We grow it all ourselves and that way we know for sure there are no toxic sprays or heavy metals accumulating in the soil either.
We have a large variety of different plants that you wont find in the supermarkets, and we grow everything on a 3-6month rotation all year round.

Some things like Winter, some things like Summer, but I grow them when I want to, and they just have to deal with it. Surprisingly they generally do.
This does however cause huge numbers of losses, and as we are constantly selecting, and breeding from those surviving few, you can guarantee the plants you get from us are tough and ready for whatever you throw at them!

Nothing gets a free ride at our place, and if you want to see how we do everything check this link out >>> You don’t have to be a Facebook member or sign in or join or ANYTHING, just to have a look at the photos and instructional’s

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Check back all the time too, as every month or so I will be adding at least a couple new items.
We have literally 100’s of different varieties here, and the list just gets bigger every day, so you never know what we will be harvesting next!

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